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Here be Mon-stars.

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Just what it says... 

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Pomona Fairplex 

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Photos sent by people I love. 

From Jared.

From Jared.

From Mikey.

From Mikey.

From Marin.

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...the world's biggest ditch, somewhere in Mother Russia.

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My Dad and my dog. 

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Seven Shot Sequence 
Starring Sonny DaBica.

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James Lindars gave me this bag today. He believes it's from the Manchester store. Thank you, James.

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No Youtube. 
I don't know how to embed Youtube videos in this piece.

A while ago Jeff Proctor sent me a little package. It had a few things in it, including this cool book he made. I wrote a little bit of copy for it. It was cool to see the work...awesome to read some of the stories, especially Tyler's. I miss them both.

The book is called "A Casual Rejoinder." You can't buy it anywhere. Or maybe you can.

He also sent me this amazing disc full of these videos called "Beez" and I can't even describe them. And he sent me this fabric swatch from his previous employer, tastefully captioned.

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We tried this pizza place in Middlebury this weekend. We didn't have a menu and so I called and asked if they had a website and they said no so I asked what they recommended because we had never ordered from there and the guy listed all this stuff and I asked if they had taco pizza and he said they took it off the menu six weeks ago so I settled on a BBQ chicken/red onion deal. When we went there to pick it up the guy gave it to us for free because it was our first time. Then we got into a discussion about the whole taco pizza thing. The pizza place I used to work at had a taco pizza and the one the guy described was EXACTLY like it. So anyway, if you want awesome pizza...and that's pizza spelled "P I Z Z A" not "F L A T B R E A D" then do yourself a favor and call Ramunto's at 802.388.7755 and order you will be psyched.

To anyone reading this from the west coast: move.

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Burn Permit 

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Rolling along. 

Starting working on these again, finally.

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Yes, yes. 

Here is another one from Mikey's trip to Japan. Some day I will get one of these.

Random Listi shot.

Here's one from Deke. Outstanding.

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End Days 
I have a lot of old garbage to catch up on. Went to Stowe for closing day. Meh.

Saw a few people rocking slings. New flare?


Polygamy cult on skis?

You have the tortured, androgynous emo snow couple on the left and some kind of hesh tall tee click on the right.

This was the longest line I waited in all year.

Look, it's Marin, wearing the colors all the cool kids are sporting.

This guy rules...not just a Mystic Pizza shirt, a Mystic Pizza II shirt! A+!

Oh man.

Shorts, Step-ins, and a leash: The Chump Trifecta.

And here is why everyone actually went: to look cool in the parking lot. Deke and Ted!

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Hoo boy, well, to the four and a half people that visit this site, sorry it was down for a few days...vestigial nonsense from back when I originally registered the domain years ago.

Lessee...last night we set a bunch of stuffed animals on fire.

Tonight Chuck and Tara stopped by.

Odyssey update: did a front-end alignment on it...steers BUENO now. AND I found two natural jumps in the yard.

Check out an interview with Evan over at Muzzey's place: ROSE

Mikey just sent me a bunch of photos from his two week stint in Japan.

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Yay to the Gardzinas!

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We went for a drive today. SBC trike.

Aluminum siding.

While Rivet was going underground...

...deals were being made.

Of course.

In West Addison they're restoring minibikes.

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Chicago isn't as good of an airport as it should be. And magazine stands are sucking now.

This guy has to scan every piece of luggage.

Holy random. In my hotel room was a Jesse Alexander photo of a Super Squalo...

...and Jean Behra in a 250F at Monte Carlo.

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Always staring, always judging. 

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